What is the thighs lymphatic drainage?




Our lymphatic drainage of the thighs is done using a small suction cup with a central bar that simulates the joints of a hand and hypoallergenic dry oil. 


This massage also stimulates red blood cells and increases collagen levels. It also has the effect of breaking down cellulite and fat cells, eliminating toxins and improving blood circulation. 

What are the benefits of lymphatic drainage?

  • Tighten and improve the flexibility of the skin

  • Improve venous and lymphatic flow

  • Exfoliate the epidermis resulting in softer skin

  • Stimulate the epidermis, dermis and hypodermis.

Answers to your questions

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-1 session at 150$

-3 sessions at 400$ (save 50$)

-6 sessions at 800$ (save 100$ and receive our anti cellulite cream valued at 89$)