Maderotheraphy, what is it?


Answers to your questions

How many treatments are required?

Normally clients see visible results from their first session. That being said, it takes around of 5 to 10 sessions to obtain an optimal result. A maintenance session is recommended every 2 months. At the time of your consultation, you will meet a licensed technician who will assess the regions concerned and thus recommend a treatment plan based on the level of cellulite as well as their professional experience.

This technique consists of an intense massage performed with wooden instruments of different sizes and shapes, specially designed to adapt to all areas of the body, as well as depending on the application for which they are intended. The benefits of Maderotherapy are both aesthetic and rehabilitative by relieving aches, neck or back pain, muscle or joint discomfort! Maderotherapy combines deep relaxation, well-being and treatment stimulating the reduction of cellulite, tones the skin and reshapes the body.


Here are the different benefits of this body contouring technique:


❊ Tones and firms the skin

❊ Improves blood circulation

❊ Reduces the feeling of heavy legs

❊ Regulates lymphatic circulation

❊ Improves the production of collagen, elastic and vitamin E

❊ Regulates the energy centers of the body

❊ Stimulates relaxation

❊ Improves breathing and helps cleanse cellular memories

❊ Reactivates the nervous system

❊ Improves muscle tension

❊ Super anti-cellulite

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-1 session at 95$ (1 Hour)

- 3 sessions at 270$ (Bundle)